DeAdLY LiGeRz on RS?

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DeAdLY LiGeRz on RS? Empty DeAdLY LiGeRz on RS?

Post  DeAdLY LiGeRzzz on Tue May 18, 2010 8:26 pm


Xplodescroll - Summoning tank level 25 combat - 44 summoning - 46 defence

iFunnier - Main account - 102 combat - nothing special

l-C-E blitz - Pure - 50 attack - 70 strength - 82 Magic - Desert Treasure Done =P (epic rushing)

I dont play this game too much but i would be willing to sell my accounts to another DeAdLY so if your interested let meh know and we could come to a price.
DeAdLY LiGeRzzz
DeAdLY LiGeRzzz
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Lt. Colonel

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