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Post  DeAdLY ViiPerZz on Mon Jul 19, 2010 11:21 pm

1.) Intervention FMJ W/ Red tiger. Sight of hand, Stopping power, Steady aim. Throwing Knife, .44 Magnum.
2.) AK-47 FMJ W/ Red Tiger. Sight of hand, stopping power, ninjaa. G18 Akimbo, Semtex.
3.) P90 Silenced W/ Red Tiger. Marathon, Cold blodded, Ninja. M9 Tactical knife, Throwing Knife
4.) Fal Holographic W/ Fall Camo. Scavenger, Stopping power, Ninja. Spas 12 grip, Semtex.
5.) Mp5k Extended mags w/ Fall camo. Marathon Lightweight. Commando. M9 Tactical knife, throwing knife.
6.) ACR Grenade Launcher W/ Fall Camo. Scavenger, Danger Close, Ninja. RPG-7, Claymore.
7.) Scar-H Silencer W/ Red Tiger. Scavenger, Stopping Power, Commando. PP2000 Xtended mags. Claymore.
8.) Ump45 Silencer W/ Fall camo. Marathon, Lightweight, Ninja. Spas12 Grip. Semtex.
Shall i go on?!? Very Happy

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